Daily Archives: May 17, 2021



  • We are assessing our final unit which tackles metric and customary conversions, area and volume, and attributes of 2D shapes. 


  • We are working through our unit: Argument and Advocacy which explores debatable issues and helps students understand various points of view surrounding an issue before choosing a position and using evidence to support an opinion.


  • We are examining the formation of our Constitution after the events of the American Revolution.

Georgetown’s Got Talent!

Each class from 3rd-5th will be having a LIVE Talent Show Day during their music time.  The hope is to have the stage set up, microphones, class MCs, and run it as close to a mini Talent Show as possible during their class time.  During this live show, Mrs. Bretz will be videotaping each act. The “official” Georgetown’s GOT TALENT Talent Show will be VIRTUAL. Of the videotaped acts, Mrs. Bretz will select 20-25 acts from the in-class live performances to create the virtual show.  This will be shared with the whole school to watch at their convenience during the last week of school. Look for students who are interested in performing to bring home information papers. One side is a parent letter, the other is their act information.

Camp Update

  • On Tuesday, May 11 we sent home balance slips if you participated in the fundraiser. 
    • The balance or full payment of $60 will be due on Monday, May 24th. Please make checks payable to Georgetown Elementary.
  • On Thursday, June 3, all fifth-grade students in the district will have an extended day camp experience at CranHill Ranch.
    • Students can take their normal mode of transportation to school in the morning.
    • The estimated arrival back to school will be around 9:00 PM.
    • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not allowed to bring parent chaperones.

Georgetown Virtual Art Show- Congrats to Meghan, Jordyn, Brynlee, and Alba for their pieces that were included!


We have started a class Survivor competition. We are incorporating all subjects and some choice learning into our game as we learn to work together as a team to achieve a goal.

Preparing for our Airplane Competition where we practiced converting measurements.