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Weekly Planner Sheet and Reading Homework

Hello, parents!

Research shows that daily homework has little to no effect on elementary-age students. For the most part, the only daily work your child will have at home is reading. Because students have choice in what they read, they should be more than willing to complete this daily assignment. Here is what is expected of students each day for their reading homework:

  • Bring an independent reading book to and from school and home each day.
  • Read for at least 20 minutes outside of school.
  • Record reading on the home reading calendar, which students keep in their take home folders.

I encourage you to talk with your child about what he or she is reading.  Visit this page for some ideas about talking to kids about books, or start with one or more of these questions:

  • Who are the characters in your book? What problem are they facing?
  • When and where does the story take place?
  • Is there a character in the story to whom you can relate? Why?
  • Who is your least favorite character in the story? Why?

Although reading will be the main homework, there will be times when students need to study, finish projects, or practice skills for mastery. You can keep up with what we’re working on in class as well as with any work that may be assigned by checking your child’s weekly planner sheet. We fill this out together daily, and you can also find a copy that is updated daily on the “Weekly Agenda” tab of the blog.